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Travel Baseball: We offer travel baseball programs for every age group between 8U and 15U dependent upon having enough interest from players and parents and having a coach that is willing to run the team. Our travel teams play in the Kensington Valley Baseball Association (KVBSA) and they are governed by KVBSA rules. Home games will be played in Hartland. Away games are dependent upon what other communities join the KVBSA. This is a very competitive league. Many of these teams start practicing in the winter (in-doors), they play more nights, they play some weekend tournaments and they may play into the summer. The specifics of how many practices or how many games will be determined by the coach and player’s parents. This league will cost you more than our other leagues - exactly how much will depend on how much the coach and parents decide to do, but you should expect to spend $800 or more.

Marc Trammel

Travel Commissioner