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Frequently Asked Questions about Tackle Football

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child?

Registration is completed online through the website in the spring, and runs from March 1st and ends May 31st   Registration is done though on the football page.

 Why is registration so early?

Registration must take place in the spring so that we can ensure we have all necessary equipment and jerseys before the start of the season.

 How do players get sized for jerseys?

A date in June will be announced for players to come in and get sized for game and practice jerseys. 

 Are players placed on teams by age or grade?

Players are placed on teams based on their grade in the fall of the upcoming season.  Varsity players cannot be greater than 14 years of age by May 1st of the current year.

            Teams are as follows:

            Instructional:  1st and 2nd grade (weight maximum 110 pounds)

            Freshman:  3rd and 4th grade (weight maximum 125 pounds)

            JV:  5th and 6th grade (weight maximum 150 pounds)

            Varsity:  7th and 8th grade (weight maximum 220 pounds)

 How are new players placed on a team?  Can I request to be on a certain team?

All new players are drafted to teams by a blind draw completed by the LCAJFL Commissioner in accordance with the league rules.  Therefore request cannot be made.  Once your player is placed on a team they will stay with that team throughout their participation in the league.  Instructional players play on the same team for first and second grade then are drafted to a color in the blind draw.  All members of the same family will be placed on the same color.

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost per player for Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels is:

$285-  if registered from 3/1-  4/1. 

$310-  from 4/2-5/1 

$335-  from 5/2-5/31. 

The cost per player for Instructional is -

$50 if registered 3/1-5/31. 

There is a multi-player discount available.  An equipment/volunteer time deposit of $100(equipment) and $175(volunteer)  per player is required.

 What equipment is included?  What do I have to purchase?

All players will be given a game and practice jersey that are theirs to keep.  All players are issued a helmet, should pads, game and practice pants, game and practice belts, and a set of pads that are to be returned at the end of the season. Parents are responsible for purchasing football cleats, a football girdle, and protective cup.

 When is equipment pick up and do I need to bring my player?

Equipment pick up dates are June or July.  When the date is determined it will be posted on our website and emailed to you by your head coach.  All players must attend pick up so that they can be sized for the proper equipment.  Pick up takes place at the old high school.

 What documents are needed?  Does my child need a physical?

All players must turn in copies of a current report card, birth certificate and physical form before the first day of practice. Players must have a physical completed and form turned in to the head coach by the first day of practice or they will not be able to participate until it is received.   All physicals MUST take place AFTER APRIL 1 of the current year for that season. 

 When does practice start?  How many days a week is practice?

The first practice is mid-August.  Instructional players will practice three days a week (maximum of 6 hours per week).  All other levels will practice 4 days per week as determined by their head coach (maximum of 15 hours per week).  Once school starts, all teams will practice only three days per week.  Practices typically run 6:00pm – 8:00pm with times determined by the head coach.  Head coaches also determine practice days. 

 When are games?  How many games are there?  What time are the games?

Games are played on Saturdays.  The Instructional level plays 6-7 games and all other levels play 8 (can vary depending on playoffs).  Games start anytime between 8:00a.m. -  7:00 p.m.  The LCAJFL determines the game schedule and it is usually completed in mid-August.  Once it is finalized it will be sent to you via email by your head coach and will be posted on our website. 

What is Eagle Duty? 

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a successful football program. At HAYAA Football, we call this Eagle Duty.  The volunteer work includes - gate, concessions, chain-gang, and spotter/announce .  We have two options to choose from for fulfilling Eagle Duty volunteer hours:

Option #1  Eagle Duty Opt-Out Option:

For an additional $100 fee (per player) at registration, your family will not be assigned Eagle Duty hours for the football season. This fee is in addition to registration fees, and the board will use the funds to hire workers to perform Eagle Duty jobs on game day.

  Option #2 Traditional Eagle Duty Option:

During equipment hand-out, provide a refundable deposit check.   If your family fulfills scheduled volunteer commitments (scheduled and communicated by your team manager), your deposit check will be returned to you at the end of the season.

   *For more details on Eagle Duty you can check out the “Eagle Duty Guidelines” on our webpage.

 Does football have individual and team pictures?

We hire a professional photography company each year to take individual and team pictures that will be available for you to purchase.  Picture day takes place in late August.

 What does it cost to get into a game?  Why do we pay a gate fee?

There is a link called "Gate Fees" on the Football website which details the cost of people entering the Little Big House.  Players and coaches get in free for all home games.  Players get in free at away games in which they are playing.  Coaches must pay their own admission at away games.  All communities in the league charge a gate fee and prices may vary by community.  Gate fees are part of our funding sources and help keep our registration fees low, and pay for equipment, field maintenance, referees, EMT’s, utilities, etc.

 When will I find out what team my player is on?

Once the draft is completed in June, rosters will be finalized and sent to all head coaches.  You will hear from your player’s head coach after this takes place.  Most communication is done through email.

 How do I get more information?

You can visit our website ( for all the latest information about our program.  You can also contact us through email at

What is our refund policy?

100% refund through May 1st 2019 / 50% through May 31st 2019 minus a $25 (Tackle), $20 (Flag) administrative fee  by March 1st.  All refunds must be requested through the Treasurer at  The Registration service fees are non-refundable.