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Eagles Duty Schedules

Why do we have Eagle Duty?

Parents help make the HAYAA Football program a huge success each year. One of the key ways parents help is by doing their share of volunteer hours, also known as Eagle Duty.

These duties are needed at home games because aside from our member registration fees, much of the revenue is generated at HOME GAMES. All parents of football players perform Eagle Duty in order for the football program to be a success. Eagle Duties are fun and are a great chance to meet other members within our wonderful community!

HAYAA is now offering an option out of performing Eagle Duty hours.  During the registration process each family will select one of the following options.

Eagle Duty Opt-Out Option: 

For an additional $100 (per player) at registration, your family will not be assigned Eagle Duty hours for the entire 2019 Football season. This fee is in addition to registration fees, and the board will use the funds to hire workers to perform Eagle Duty jobs on game day.

Traditional Eagle Duty Option:

During equipment hand-out, provide a $175 refundable deposit check. If your family fulfills scheduled volunteer (see Eagle Duty Guidelines below) commitments (scheduled and communicated by your team manager), your deposit check will be returned to you at the end of the season.

If you select the “Traditional Eagle Duty” option you acknowledge:

·  A member of my family (18 yrs and older) is required to work volunteer time as a condition of my son or daughters participation with HAYAA Football. 

·  A volunteer shift is defined as a one shift for which I receive no monetary compensation.

·  I am required to work  ONE SHIFT AT EACH HOME GAME that my player is scheduled; except in such case that the coordinator advises that I am not needed to fulfill the shift. 

·  As the parent or guardian of a player, I must work an individual shift at each home game for EACH player I have registered in the program.  

·  If I do not complete my required volunteer time that all or part of my $175 deposit will be forfeited to the HAYAA Football Program. 

·  There will be no hiring of teens allowed under this option.

The jobs include – gate, concessions, chain-gang, and spotter/announcer.