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HAYAA Day with the Lugnuts - May 20, 2018

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Response to Tick Complaints - Winegarner Fields



We have spoken with our Integrated Pest Management Company as well as folks at the Livingston County Health Department. Both recommend that we educate our community on the resources available to help limit exposure to bites by ticks in children and adults alike. 


I have attached the Public Health Fact Sheet as prepared for Lyme Disease by Livingston County.  There is some very good prevention information on this sheet. 


You can see that they explain the kind of ticks that carry the bacteria that is concerning.  You can also read that the tick must be attached more than 24 hours to transfer the bacteria to a person.  


Can you please share this fact sheet so that our folks that are outside near  brushy, wooded, moist areas can take the necessary precautions and have knowledge about what to do should they be bitten by a tick.


The State of Michigan has also put out a brochure titled Ticks and Your Health - Preventing tick-borne illness in Michigan.  It is a 16 page brochure that contains a lot of information about keeping your home tick free.  You can refer people to that resource as well. 


If people have questions or concerns, please direct them to the Health Department at (517) 546-9850.  They are open M-F 8am-5pm. They do not have a clinic so if a person feels that they or their child has been bitten by a tick, they should see their physician immediately.  


We are still investigating if there are any other reasonable precautions that we can take to help minimize risk and exposure.  We will keep you informed on any other actions that we intend to take or any updates that we may have. 


Thanks for leading these great recreational opportunities for our youth in this community.  We are better off for it.  Have a great day!


You can call the health department yourself but spraying will not eradicate the population of ticks.  Are parents spraying at home, are their pets on medicine that prevents ticks from being carried in?  You can look at the State of Michigan's brochure but people have a responsibility to take preventative measures - wear repellent, check themselves and their children for ticks and stay out of the woods.  I personally wouldn't recommend spraying the fields.  Once you start this - where do you stop?  If the Health Dept says  - everybody spray or other experts not in the business of making money off this tell us to spray then we should listen and react. 


The question our community will have is why are we spraying the baseball fields and not softball fields, soccer, LAX, and all the rest of the fields.  It would be one thing if you could spray once or twice a season and be done with it but as Matt already communicated the fields would need to be re-sprayed after each rain if we want it to be effective. 




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