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Margaret Hamilton

Kid/Coach Pitch GM

Kid/Coach Pitch Baseball: This league division is for boys/girls ages 7 & 8.  Ages 6 & 7 for the fall season. This league is intended to continue to develop a player’s skills and to teach them the game of baseball (including many of the rules). The biggest differences between Instructional and Kid/Coach Pitch, besides introducing kids to the art/mechanics of pitching, is that the coach will "challenge the batter" so the kids will get a feel for pitching.  This is what most would consider something closer to “real baseball” (kids can strikeout; switch sides after three outs, players play the catchers position, scores are kept, etc.).  Practices & games take place at Farms Intermediate or Spranger Fields.  Games to take place on Monday & Wednesday nights.

Below is a summary of the major points concerning this league:

  • Emphasis is placed on skills development and teaching players how baseball is played
  • Players have 2 strikes, 3 balls constitutes a walk
  • Stealing bases is allowed once the ball crosses the plate
  • Play stops when the ball gets back into the pitcher
  • A maximum of 10 players play in the field (including a pitcher, catcher, and 4 outfielders)
  • Switch sides after 3 outs
  • Scores are kept at each game
  • Standings may be kept for optional playoff or year end tournament