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Jason Sassak

Instructional GM

Instructional: This is where it all starts!  This league division is for boys and girls ages 4-6. Ages 4 & 5 for the fall season. There is no expectation that the players have played any baseball or that they have developed any of the necessary skills. The league is set up to introduce kids to baseball. It is critical to have a great deal of parent participation at this level. It is important for parents to work with their kids at home and reinforce what they learn during their practices. Practices & games take place at Winegarner Fields.  Games are played on Monday & Wednesday - Fridays if necessary.

Below is a summary of the major points concerning this league:

  • Emphasis is placed on teaching skills (in practices and during games)
  • Coaches pitch (if the player cannot hit the pitched ball, the ball is place on the tee for them to hit)
  • Bat round-robin (1/2 roster bats each inning)
  • Every player plays in the field every inning
  • Outs called, but don’t clear the bases after 3 outs
  • Play 6 innings
  • Scores or standings are not kept