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Lauren DePestel

Girls Softball Commissioner


Coach Pitch Softball: This league division is open for girls ages 6 thru 8. This league is intended to continue developing a player’s skills and to teach them the game of fast pitch softball (including many of the rules). The biggest differences between Instructional and Coach Pitch is the kids will play what most would consider something closer to “real softball” (kids can be thrown out at bases, switch sides after three outs, players play the catchers position, etc.).

We participate in a league called “Quadtown” which is made up of Hartland, Fenton, Lake Fenton and Linden, Holly, Grand Blanc, and Waterford.  Home games are played in Hartland (Winegarner Fields) & away games are played in these other communities on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. The rules for this league are derived from the Little League Association of America and slightly modified by the Quadtown Board (Girls Softball Commissioner represents HAYAA on the Quadtown Board).

Below is a summary of the major points concerning this league:

  • Emphasis is placed on skills development and teaching players how softball is played
  • Kids begin to learn pitching technique
  • Players get up to 7 pitches to get a hit, then tee the ball up
  • No stealing bases
  • No walks
  • Play stops when the ball gets back into the infield
  • A maximum of 10 players play in the field (including a pitcher, catcher and 4 outfielders
  • Switch sides after 3 outs
  • A maximum of only 5 runs can be scored per inning
  • Standings are not kept